The Best Private Jets for International Travel

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May 4, 2022


Private jet travel is far more convenient and comfortable than commercial travel. These benefits are only magnified during international travel, allowing you to avoid multiple layovers and trips through security lines. The peace and quiet that come with a private flight, along with the extensive amenities, make a private flight much more pleasant. With the proper private aircraft, flying a private jet internationally can be a truly enjoyable experience.

Can Private Jets Fly Internationally?

Although they are smaller than commercial aircraft and carry less fuel, private jets are fully capable of international travel. In fact, the smaller size and aerodynamic construction of private jets often work in their favor, allowing them to still travel impressive ranges. Still, not all private jets have the capacity and capability to travel internationally. As with commercial aircraft, some jets are designed for shorter distances while others are better equipped for long-distance travel.

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Top Private Jets for International Travel

When flying a private jet internationally, comfort and range are the two most important factors to consider. Fortunately, when choosing to fly internationally, you have plenty of options to choose from. The following are the top private jets for international travel.

Cessna Citation Longitude

With a maximum range of 3,500 nautical miles, the Citation Longitude does not have the longest range, but it still will have no problem on a trans-Atlantic flight. You will also be able to enjoy the comfort as the jet maximizes legroom and advertises one of the quietest cabins in its class, which will make a noticeable difference on flights that last several hours.

Bombardier Global 8000

This aircraft is the world’s largest business jet with one of the longest ranges, allowing for a highly comfortable overseas trip. The Global 8000 seats up to 17 passengers and can travel up to 7,900 nautical miles with a top speed of 710 mph, capable of traveling routes like Dubai to Los Angeles with ease. The well-equipped jet also features excellent in-flight internet connectivity making it easy to do business or stream video during your international travels.

Gulfstream G800

The Gulfstream G800 is an impressive aircraft as the all-new jet now takes the title of the world’s longest-range business aircraft, making it by far one of the best private jets for international travel. The jet has a maximum range of 8,000 nautical miles and a top speed of 710 miles per hour. With a cabin that features up to four living areas and enough seating for up to 19 passengers, the G800 compromises neither performance nor comfort on any trip.

Dassault Falcon 10X

The Falcon 10X is the most exciting aircraft produced by Dassault yet. The Falcon 10X has a range of 7,500 nautical miles, making it perfect for international travel. This aircraft also boasts the biggest cabin on the market, which includes multiple customizable zones and is full of windows, maximizing comfort throughout even the longest flights.

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