Travel to a Private Airport with Jet Agency

Where to next? Maybe you are craving a relaxing getaway on the sandy shores of Miami, Florida. After all, you can barely remember the last time you unplugged and enjoyed a beach vacation. Or perhaps business is calling, and you must attend an urgent client meeting in New York City. Whether you want to whisk your partner and kids away for a family vacation or to embark on a solo adventure for one, turn to Jet Agency for all your private charter needs.

At Jet Agency, we are at your service. We can fly you to countless private jet destinations across the nation. Simply say the word. We will start arranging your flight to the private jet charter destination of your choice.

Increased Flexibility

At Jet Agency, it is our mission to get you where you want to go. Because we are available around the clock, we are ready when you are to book your private flight to your next destination. Whether you need a private jet charter to Baltimore, Maryland, this afternoon, or to Atlantic City, New Jersey, next week, consider it already taken care of, as we are always one step ahead of you.

When you fly with Jet Agency, you have a wide range of private jet destinations to explore. Are you interested in a mountain retreat on the slopes or a business-focused trip in the nation’s capital? A short jaunt to South Carolina or an extended stay in Florida? Your aircraft can take off and land at various private airports, along with commercial airport hubs, giving you increased flexibility when it comes to your travel plans.

Comfort Is Our Top Priority

No matter what private jet charter destination you pick, you can rest assured that you are in for a safe, flawless, and unforgettable private flight experience. At Jet Agency, your comfort is our top priority, and that is why we go out of our way to ensure we exceed your expectations. No two flights are the same, as we take meticulous care in customizing each flight to our passenger’s individual needs. We tailor your flight to suit your every preference and accommodate all your requests to bring your private flight experience to the next level.

Fixed Route Program Icon

Fixed Route Program

If you frequently fly between the same two private jet destinations, consider taking advantage of our Fixed Route Program. At Jet Agency, we know that fluctuating prices in the Private Aviation marketplace can be frustrating, and that is why we invite you to lock in rates for specific routes. With the price of your private flight predetermined, simply log into your FRP Guaranteed app, choose your specific route, and book your flight–no need to wire money or fuss with paperwork.

Jet Card Program Icon

Jet Card Program

When arranging your flight to your private jet destination with us, be sure to join our exclusive Jet Card loyalty program, too. As a member, you will earn elite perks, such as free jet upgrades and complimentary catering allowances during the journey to the destination of your choosing.

50K non-expiring
100K non-expiring
250K non-expiring
500K non-expiring

50K always
100K always
250K always
500K always

50K -
100K $150 / trip
250K $250 / trip
500K $350 / trip

50K -
100K up to 1
250K up to 2
500K up to 3

50K 7%
100K 5%
250K 3%
500K 2%

50K 12%
100K 10%
250K 7%
500K 5%

50K 2 hours
100K 2 hours
250K 1.75 hours
500K 1.5 hours
Membership Benefits
Term Period
Upgrade Eligibility
Complimentary Catering Allowance
Free Jet Class Upgrade
Fuel Surcharge
Peak Day Premium
Minimum Daily Flight Time
2 hours
$150 / trip
up to 1
2 hours
$250 / trip
up to 2
1.75 hours
$350 / trip
up to 3‍
1.5 hours