Types of Aircraft

One of the major perks of flying with Jet Agency is that you are in control of everything, from when you want to travel to the specific amenities you desire during your journey. At Jet Agency, we go the extra mile accommodating all your private travel needs, and that includes inviting you to choose the exact make and model of your jet.

When you are ready to reserve your private flight with us, begin exploring the different types of aircraft available.

When it comes to deciding on the perfect jet aircraft to take to the sky, size matters. Typically, the different types of aircraft fall into several categories based on their size.

Small Aircraft

The smallest aircraft on the market include the turbo, very light, and light jets. Generally, these jets can carry anywhere from five to eight passengers. Because of their small stature, these jets do not need a long tarmac, meaning they can land at nearly any airport. However, since they are some of the smallest models, they have a shorter flight range than larger aircraft. Depending on the exact model, jets in this category can usually fly for three to three-and-a-half hours without stopping. Examples of these kinds of jets include the Sab 2000, Citation M2, and Phenom 300.

Mid and Super-Mid Aircraft

Mid and super-mid are slightly bigger private jet aircraft. These jets have more in-cabin space and can usually comfortably fit up to 10 passengers. Jets of this size have more room for in-flight amenities and accommodations. When flying on this type of aircraft, you can typically fly for five to seven hours before needing to refuel. The LearJet 60/75, Hawker 800, and Challenger 300/350 are some examples of mid and super-mid jet aircraft.

Heavy Jet Aircraft

Heavy jets refer to the largest private aircraft. These spacious jets have plenty of room to fly 10-18 passengers and often feature separate areas, like workspaces, lounges, entertainment areas, and even private bedrooms. Heavy jets are top of the line as they boast some of the finest in-flight amenities and perks.

These heavy jets are an excellent option for cross-country and international flights because many of them can travel for up to nine hours at a time. However, they can only service big airports with long enough runways for taking off and landing because of their large size. The Gulfstream GV, Challenger 600, and Embraer Lineage 1000 are just a few of the many heavy private jet aircraft available.

Fly with Jet Agency

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