Private Flights the Jet Agency Way

If you are craving an extravagant pedigree flight tailored to meet your every travel preference, then it is time to reserve your private flight with Jet Agency. Your comfort and happiness is our number one concern as we go above and beyond to deliver a bespoke flight experience that raises the bar when it comes to private air travel.

At Jet Agency, we are eager to accommodate all your travel arrangements, no matter the time or day. Because we are always on hand, we can reserve your private flight, make changes, reschedule, or cancel at a moment’s notice. Need a jet this morning or later this afternoon? We are already one step ahead of you making the proper arrangements as we can have you in the air on your way to your destination within three hours of making your reservation with us. How is that for fast and efficient service?

Focused on You

Lavish and opulent barely begin to scratch the surface when describing your private flight experience with us. Every jet in our fleet exudes elegance and boasts the finest amenities, from the intimate light aircraft to the spacious heavy jets. At Jet Agency, we are obsessed with the details, ensuring your private charter flight transcends all your expectations. We focus on you and your travel needs, customizing your flight to align with all your preferences, from the style jet you want to travel on to the kind of food you would like to eat during your journey.

Committed To Your Safety

Besides delivering an elite travel experience every time, we are committed to your safety. The jets, pilots, flight crew, and flight operators comply with the most stringent safety standards in the aviation industry. We require WYVERN Safety Record, WYVERN PASS Reports, and ARG/US TripCHEQ audit reports to help monitor everything from maintenance records to pilot training. Your private jet will undergo a thorough safety inspection before leaving the tarmac. If your aircraft is not up to our standards, we will immediately find you a replacement.

Jet Card Membership Icon

Jet Card Membership

When you reserve your private charter flight with Jet Agency, you are eligible to join our exclusive Jet Card membership program. In addition to providing convenient pay-per-hour service, our loyalty program treats you to free jet upgrades and complimentary catering allowances, among other major perks. And the best part? It is entirely free to join with no surprise fees or hidden charges.

Jet Card Membership
Fixed Route Program Icon

Fixed Route Program

We also offer our Fixed Route Program, which is ideal for travelers who frequently need private flights between the same two destinations. This program invites you to lock in the same flat rate every time you fly the same route. Simply log into our FRP Guaranteed app, book your flight, and you will be on your way without the hassle of filling out paperwork or wiring money.

Fixed Route Program

Your journey begins here

Fly with Jet Agency and buckle up for an unrivaled private travel experience. Contact us today for a quote price and reserve your private charter flight today.