Private Air Travel for Pets

When you travel on a private jet, you get to travel your way. And that means traveling with whoever you want, including your pets. At Jet Agency, we know your pets are part of the family and when it comes to traveling with your pets, it should be fun, not stressful. That is why we make it easier than ever to fly with your furry, scaly, and feathered ones. We provide you and your pets with the comfort and amenities you need to sit back and enjoy your pedigree flight in style.

Fly At Ease

For starters, we invite your pet to fly in the cabin with you, regardless of the kind of animal, breed, or size. This takes a lot of the stress out of crating your pets or placing them in with the cargo, which is often the requirement on commercial flights. In your private jet cabin, you and your pet will likely feel more relaxed and at ease flying together.

Spacious Environment

On private jets, the seats are also usually spread out and more spacious, allowing you to comfortably enjoy your pet’s company without either of you feeling cramped. If you are looking for even more space for your pet to roam, why not choose your preferred aircraft? We let you pick the specific make and model jet you want to travel on, which means you can decide on an aircraft with just the right amenities and space to accommodate you and your furry ones.

More Perks

Another perk of taking a private jet charter with pets is that you do not have to adhere to some of the pet restrictions that commercial airlines enforce. For example, most airlines only permit one pet per person, but many private jet companies allow you to fly with as many as you like. You will also find that since you can travel with your pet in your private jet cabin, you can bypass seasonal embargoes that often prevent pets from traveling due to extreme temperatures that affect the aircraft’s cargo area.

If your pet has the proper documentation and vaccinations to travel, then you are ready to take to the skies on a pet-friendly charter flight with Jet Agency. Aside from delivering a safe and flawless flight for you and your pets, we also offer exclusive perks. Look into our elite Jet Card membership to earn complimentary upgrades, and do not miss our Fixed Rate Program to lock in flat rates for the routes you frequently fly. Reserve your private jet charter with your pets today.

Book Your Private Flight With Jet Agency

Above all, at Jet Agency, we are committed to providing you and your pet with an elevated flight experience. To ensure you and your pet are comfortable, we cater to all your requests. Whatever you or your pet may need, just ask, and we are more than happy to oblige.