Hawker 800XP

When flying with Jet Agency, the choice is yours. You decide exactly when you want to fly, which airport you want to travel through, and can customize your flight to accommodate your every need—from the specific in-flight entertainment you want to the kinds of food you order in the sky. You can even choose the exact make and model of aircraft you wish to travel on to your destination.

At Jet Agency, we offer a vast range of aircraft to choose from, with elite jets in every category from very light to heavy. If you are still deciding on the ideal aircraft for your travels, set your sights on the Hawker 800XP private jet. This high-performance jet delivers an elite flight experience to mid-range destinations.

The Hawker 800XP Flight Experience

The Hawker 800XP is a midsize jet. Aircraft in this size category have a wider range than their smaller counterparts, meaning they can typically travel for roughly five hours or so at a time. In terms of Hawker 800XP specifications, this jet has a maximum range of 2,540 nm and a maximum cruising speed of 448 knots, so it can easily travel cross-country between destinations like Los Angeles and New York. And unlike other aircraft in this jet category, the Hawker 800XP jet can take off from shorter runways, allowing it to service a wider range of airports that would otherwise be off-limits.

The Hawker 800XP private jet is also celebrated for its spacious cabin, which is a little over 21 feet long with a height just shy of six feet.

Inside the Hawker 800XP, you’ll find:

  • Accommodation for up to 8 passengers and 2 flight crew. 
  • A seat configuration with a club section that can seat 4, a 3-seater divan, and a single forward-facing seat. 
  • A  cabin roomy enough to comfortably fit a lavatory and galley. 
  • 50 cubic feet of luggage storage or the equivalent of 6-8 suitcases. 

Reserve the Hawker 800XP

Are you looking to indulge in the Hawker 800XP experience for yourself? Then you have come to the right place. Here at Jet Agency, we can help you reserve the Hawker 800XP jet for your upcoming travels, whether you are heading out on a business trip or taking a much-deserved vacation. 

We offer around-the-clock service, which means we are always on hand to help arrange a safe and flawless flight for you. We even offer an exclusive Jet Card membership, which invites you to earn perks like free jet upgrades and complimentary catering allowances. Reserve your private flight with us today for a pedigree experience aboard a Hawker 800XP private jet.