Gulfstream GIVSP Experience

Flying private takes travel to the next level. You can expect nothing less than the finest amenities aboard your private jet as you travel in the utmost comfort and style. Here at Jet Agency, we go above and beyond to exceed your expectations as we cater your flight experience to meet your every need—and then some. Aside from indulging in a pedigree flight experience every time, you also have the opportunity to choose the specific make and model aircraft you would like to take to the skies. 

However, as you begin exploring our fleet of more than 6,000 jets, you might feel a little overwhelmed by the choices. Do you want a very light aircraft or a mid-size jet? And what aircraft make and model best suits your travel needs? To help you get to know the jets in our fleet, we have highlighted the Gulfstream GIVSP. This elite aircraft promises to provide you with the most sophisticated and comfortable travel experience to your destination. Follow along to discover more about Gulfstream GIVSP specs

What to Expect from a Gulfstream Private Jet

The Gulfstream GIVSP is a descendant of the Gulfstream II, which dates back to 1962, making it one of the longest-running business charter jets. The Gulfstream GIVSP model was released in 1992, replacing the earlier Gulfstream IV model. 

This Gulfstream model is a long-range jet suitable for domestic and international flights. Powered by two Rolls Royce engines, it has an improved payload range performance and can reach speeds of around 500 mph with a range of 3,880 nm. As for Gulfstream GIV SP specs, the spacious cabin is just over 7 feet wide and 45.1 feet long, with a ceiling height of 6.1 feet and 169 cubic feet of luggage space. It can comfortably fly 14 to 16 passengers with plenty of room to lounge and relax as the jet features three cabin zones with fully reclining chairs, a conference table, a divan, and even full beds. The Gulfstream jet showcases a sleek interior with oval windows that provide panoramic views and fill the cabin with natural light. 

Whether you are searching for the ideal aircraft to take your family on vacation or transport your colleagues to a business conference, look no further than this Gulfstream private jet

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If you are ready to experience the Gulfstream way for yourself, contact us here at Jet Agency. We are always on hand to arrange your travels—day or night—and we can have the Gulfstream jet of your choice waiting for you within just hours of you making your reservation. When you fly with Jet Agency, you can rest assured you are in safe hands. Want to elevate your experience even more? Join our exclusive Jet Card program. As a member, you will earn major rewards, including complimentary catering allowances and free jet upgrades. Reserve your Gulfstream private jet with us today.