Cessna Citation X Experience

When flying private, you get to settle into a flight experience that has been catered to your every preference. Here at Jet Agency, we take care of all the details, customizing your flight to exceed your every expectation, from the in-flight entertainment down to the dessert selection. And to elevate your private flight even more, we invite you to pick the specific make and model of aircraft you want to travel on to your destination. 

Our fleet features over 6,000 turboprops, executive jets, and airlines, ranging from very light jets to heavy aircraft. But with so many jets to choose from, how do you decide which aircraft is best for you and your travels? 

To help you narrow down your options, we have spotlighted the private jet Cessna Citation X. This high-end aircraft is an excellent choice for your upcoming trip. Follow along to find out more details about the Cessna Citation X aircraft.

Flying Aboard the Citation X Aircraft

The Cessna Aircraft Company designed the Citation X jet in 1996 as part of the Citation family, which has grown into the largest fleet of business jets. This upgraded Citation model received new Rolls Royce engines and electronic components, an updated wing design, and improved avionics. But perhaps most notably, the Citation X was introduced as the world’s fastest civilian jet and is now only surpassed in speed by its successor, the Citation X+. 

The Citation X is a long-range super-midsize aircraft that can travel up to speeds of 604 mph. It has a range of 3,700 miles, meaning it can easily cross up to six time zones without refueling. For reference, this speedy aircraft can travel from Los Angeles to New York in just four hours. 

The lavish cabin space is decked out in a fine wood finish, and it measures just under 24 feet long, a little over 5.5 feet wide, and 5.7 feet high. Depending on the seating configuration, which is usually a twin-club arrangement, the Citation X aircraft can fly 8 to 12 passengers. There is ample legroom, and the plush seats recline into beds for relaxing and napping. This spacious jet also offers 104 cubic feet of baggage space or enough room for roughly 15 suitcases. 

Whether you are looking to book a speedy cross-country trip or international flight, the Cessna Citation x aircraft is an ideal choice. 

Reserve Your Cessna Citation X Aircraft Today!

Are you ready to take to the skies in a Citation X jet of your own? Here at Jet Agency, we are ready when you are to make your travel arrangements. We are available around the clock, so we can reserve your Citation X adventures wherever and whenever best suits your schedule. You can also join our exclusive Jet Card membership and earn elite perks for even more in-flight pampering, such as free jet upgrades and catering allowances. When it comes to indulging in a safe and flawless flight, there is no better way to fly than with Jet Agency.