Cessna Citation Ultra Jet

Flying private is in a league of its own. The experience you have in the skies is second to none, as your private flight is tailored to meet your every request. Whether you want to watch a certain movie or dine on your favorite meal, consider it done. Here at Jet Agency, we go out of our way to ensure we accommodate all of your travel needs. We even let you pick the exact aircraft make and model you want to travel on your vacation or business endeavor to make your flight even more special.

If you do not already have a specific jet in mind, begin by browsing our impressive fleet of jets. We feature more than 6,000 aircraft, including very light, mid-size, and heavy jets. Need some guidance? Get to know the Cessna Citation Ultra. This light jet is a prime choice if you are traveling short distances.

The Citation Ultra Way

Cessna revealed the Citation Ultra in 1993. Modeled off the earlier Citation V, this upgrade included engine updates, improved safety features, and new flight controls.

The Citation Ultra is a light jet celebrated for its speed and wide range. In fact, it is one of the fastest jets in its class, reaching maximum speeds of 445 mph. As for the Citation Ultra range, it can travel up to 1,257 nm. This jet easily travels nonstop between continental destinations like Chicago and Phoenix and New York and Miami without refueling.

If you look at the Citation Ultra specs, you will discover that the cabin measures 4.8 feet wide and 17.3 feet long, with a height of 4.8 feet. Although compact, the cabin is still spacious enough to fly 7 to 9 passengers, depending on the seat configuration. There is also a lavatory onboard and 67 cubic feet of space reserved for luggage. However, there is no room for a flight attendant. 

Whether you are attending a business conference in the city or looking for a quick escape to the coast, the Cessna Citation Ultra allows you to travel in comfort and style.

Experience the Cessna Citation Ultra for Yourself

Once you have your heart set on flying onboard the Citation Ultra, allow us to take care of the rest. At Jet Agency, we are always on hand to arrange your travel request no matter where or when you need them. We are so quick and efficient that we can have you flying on the jet of your choice within just hours of you contacting us. 

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