Challenger 300 by Bombadier

If you are interested in indulging in the finest travel experience, then it is time to explore the wonderful world of private jet travel. When you fly private with us, everything is catered to your needs, right down to the smallest details. At Jet Agency, it is our mission to tailor your flight to your preferences and deliver a safe and flawless experience every time. Aside from fulfilling your every travel request, we also let you choose the exact kind of jet you would like to board for your travels. 

With more than 6,000 aircraft to choose from, you are sure to discover the perfect jet for your upcoming getaway or business trip. But if you are not sure what make and model to pick, turn your attention to the sleek and sophisticated Bombardier Challenger 300. To help you get to know this aircraft better inside and out, we have outlined the most important Challenger 300 specs below. Follow along to learn more about this superb jet and whether it is the ideal aircraft for your next adventure.

Impressive Challenger 300 Specs

Bombardier Aerospace introduced the Challenger 300 jet in 1999, and it entered the commercial space in 2004. This elite super midsize aircraft features Honeywell HTF700 turbofan engines. Its impressive range of 3,1000 nm and a maximum speed of 554 mph means it can easily travel across the country between destinations like Miami and San Francisco without stopping to refuel. But perhaps most notably, it can take off and land at runways less than 5,000 feet long, which allows it to access more airports than other aircraft in this category.  

The Challenger 300 private jet boasts the largest cabin in this jet class—39% larger to be exact—measuring in at 28.1 feet long and a width of 7.2 feet. The ceiling height is 6.1 feet high, which lets passengers comfortably walk around the cabin. If the seats are in a standard configuration, the Challenger 300 can accommodate up to 8 passengers with a jumpseat option for a flight attendant. When the seating arrangement includes a three-seater divan, it conveniently converts into a bed, which is especially nice for nighttime flights. The cabin also provides a luggage closet with 106 cubic feet of space for baggage.

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