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Home to many large businesses and plenty of fun and exciting getaway opportunities, Los Angeles welcomes tens of thousands of travelers flying through every day. Because of the high volume of travelers, it helps to anticipate which airports will best serve you on your trip and get you to your destination most quickly.

Airport location and amenities play a large role when deciding where to fly during your trip to Los Angeles. Choosing the correct airport will save you time and stress. When planning your next trip to the big city, it is helpful to know the options for the best private jet airports near Los Angeles.

How Many Airports Are in Los Angeles?

Flying private jet charter in Los Angeles can be challenging because it is a popular destination. Fortunately, several private jet airports in Los Angeles can accommodate you and provide you with an easy travel process. Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, you have plenty of options.

Overall, there are seven airports to choose from when you plan your trip. Depending on your destination and what you are looking for in an airport, you may prefer any of the following options. Each of the airports has unique amenities, fixed-base operators (FBOs) and regulations. Knowing what to expect beforehand will help you avoid any hassle on your trip.

Hollywood Burbank Airport

Formerly known as Bob Hope Airport, Hollywood Burbank is located just three miles from downtown Burbank. This airport is particularly convenient for travelers headed to Griffith Park, Universal Studios Hollywood or Downtown Los Angeles. It is closer to these destinations than any of the airports on this list. Hollywood Burbank Airport is also the only airport to offer a direct rail connection to Downtown Los Angeles.

  • Number of FBOs: 2
  • Year Opened: 1930
  • Area: 555 acres
  • Distance from downtown: 12 miles
  • Highlights: Wi-Fi, conference room with AV equipment, 24-hour service

Santa Monica Municipal Airport

The Santa Monica Municipal Airport is located close to key locations around Los Angeles, including Malibu, Beverly Hills and downtown. The airport regularly services private travelers headed to the most charming parts of Los Angeles. The airport is also just two miles from the beach, making it great for travelers of all sorts. Due to noise restrictions in Santa Monica, flights cannot take off between 11 am and 7 pm. Currently, the airport is scheduled to close in 2028.

  • Number of FBOs: 1
  • Year Opened: 1923
  • Area: 227 acres
  • Distance from downtown: 14 miles
  • Highlights: Catering services, 24/7 FBO operations, Wi-Fi

Los Angeles International Airport

Although it is busy, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is still one of the best airports for flying into the city. The airport is the world's third busiest airport providing a hub to key parts of Los Angeles.

Despite its high traffic, LAX has two terminals dedicated to private jet travel, providing a convenient option away from the highly populated portion of the airport.

  • Number of FBOs: 2
  • Year Opened: 1928
  • Area: 2,950 acres
  • Distance from downtown: 16 miles
  • Highlights: VIP passenger lounge, hotel/limo arrangements, available workstations

Long Beach Airport

Long Beach Airport is located close to Long Beach providing direct access to exciting events, elegant hotels and great leisure activities. The airport is one of the busiest general aviation airports in the world but does not serve any commercial airlines. The airport also has 10 shops and restaurants for your convenience whether you are staying in Los Angeles or just passing through.

  • Number of FBOs: 2
  • Year Opened: 1941
  • Area: 1,166 acres
  • Distance from downtown: 23 miles
  • Highlights: Business center, private workstations, tranquil lounge areas

LA/Ontario International Airport

LA/Ontario International Airport is a full-service airport offering private and commercial services, situated almost 40 miles east of Los Angeles. Flying into LA/Ontario International airport provides more convenient access to the eastern portion of the city, with less traffic and less travel time. Ontario International Airport has no noise restrictions, allowing flight arrivals and departures 24 hours a day.

  • Number of FBOs: 1
  • Year Opened: 1929
  • Area: 1,741 acres
  • Distance from downtown: 38 miles
  • Highlights: Parking space for larger jets, concierge services, gourmet catering

John Wayne Airport

Located in Orange County, the airport operates two runways and serves commercial and general aviation aircraft. John Wayne Airport is the best choice for travelers doing business in Costa Mesa, Irvine or Newport Beach. Situated 35 miles south of downtown Los Angeles, John Wayne Airport is the second busiest airport in the Greater Los Angeles area.

  • Number of FBOs: 2
  • Year Opened: 1923
  • Area: 504 acres
  • Distance from downtown: 35 miles
  • Highlights: FBOs that follow sustainability initiatives, concierge services, snooze room

Van Nuys Airport

Just 20 miles west of Downtown Los Angeles, Van Nuys Airport is one of the busiest general aviation airports in the world and is used most frequently for private charter flights by travelers into the city. Van Nuys does not service any major commercial airlines, making it easier to navigate than many of the other airports. Van Nuys is conveniently located and provides easy access to Northern Los Angeles for those doing business north of the city. Meanwhile, the four FBOs in the airport provide multiple great options for amenities for travelers.

  • Number of FBOs: 4
  • Year Opened: 1928
  • Area: 730 acres
  • Distance from downtown: 20 miles
  • Highlights: FBOs that follow sustainability initiatives, full-service kitchen, 24-hour service

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