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High-end customers in the private aviation industry have always had the choice to travel via a jet charter of their liking. But what if it is peak travel time? What if there is a scarcity of available private jets and the company has to give preference?

In most of these cases, private jet charter companies prioritize flyers who have private jet memberships.

Preferential treatment is just one of the many benefits of jet cards. This Jet Membership vs Jet Charter comparison article discusses how jet charter stacks up against private jet memberships. What Are Private Jet Memberships? Private jet memberships are an alternative to on-demand charter, where customers get guaranteed access to a private jet. Plus, they have locked-in hourly rates along with a couple of other benefits.

You can think of private jet memberships like a membership card for a club or a departmental store. Along with getting discounts, you are also the first to hear about promotions and may even get cashback rewards.

Meanwhile, you are eligible for additional benefits that may not be available to other flyers with a private jet membership. For instance, members might be eligible for flying in just a few hours of booking a jet, while regular flyers may have to wait at least a day before they can fly. Why Join a Jet Membership? If you have ever wondered why join a jet membership, you are in for an exciting ride since these memberships come with several perks.

Here are some benefits of jet cards:


With a private jet membership, you can take a lot of paperwork out of the equation. For one, you no longer have to worry about the pricing since memberships come at a pre-set cost. Thus, you would know in advance what you are going to pay for flying.

You do not have to spend hours on your laptop getting quotes from different companies and comparing prices. More importantly, in most cases, the money for the membership is deposited beforehand. Therefore, you do not have to make instant money transfers the day you need to fly.


One of the most striking benefits of Jet Cards is the standards they offer. Once you have found the right charter company for yourself, you can rest easy knowing that your needs will be met consistently on every trip.

All your requirements, such as aircraft preferences or pilot experience, are met by the company. It saves you a lot of research and time in the long run.


If you frequently fly for business, it is good to know how much you are expected to spend in a year or a quarter on air travel.

There are often fluctuations in prices with on-demand charter, depending on the time of the year you are traveling and the demand for a particular aircraft. It can throw off your budgeting for the company.

On the other hand, if you opt for a Fixed Route Program, such as the one offered by Jet Agency, you will know exactly how much you have to pay for your air travel. With Jet Agency's program, you simply have to set up your account once.

After that, there is no more paperwork involved, as you can just use the app to notify the company about any upcoming flight. Moreover, you can check your account balance using the app to determine the number of flight credits remaining.

Also, when you are traveling on a fixed route program, you just have to inform the company once about your desired routes, preferences, and travel requirements. Afterward, they take care of everything once you book the flight from the app.


With private jet memberships, you have the flexibility to book an urgent flight or cancel one a few hours before boarding. Even if you are flying during peak times, you will likely get a flight if you have a jet membership.


Private jet memberships also make it easier for you to fly your family members or colleagues. All you have to do is call the company or book a flight using your app.

For example, the Private Jet Card membership from Jet Agency charges by the hour, and the rates differ, depending on the aircraft of your choice. Whether you need to be in another state for work or travel to a vacation spot with the family, you can do it all easily.

Extra Amenities

Most private jet memberships come with extra perks included in the per hour rate you are already paying. For example, you might get complimentary drinks, free Wi-Fi, or catering credits.

Peak Holiday Travels

Booking an on-demand charter during the holiday season can burn a hole in your pocket since some charter services hike up their prices during this time. On the other hand, you will not have to worry about these price increments if you have a private jet card membership.

How To Get a Jet Card Membership

If you are wondering how to get a jet card membership, the process is quite simple with Jet Agency.

To get your jet card membership, fill the membership form on the website, and our experts will match you with the best membership for your needs.

When you get the Jet Agency private membership, you sign up for safe and convenient flying. We charge one rate, ensuring the clients know beforehand how much they have to pay for their flights.

You just have to pay by the hour as per your flight preferences. Since there are no surprises or hidden fees, you will not have any disappointments while booking or boarding your flight.

On top of that, we offer elite travel perks, such as complimentary catering allowances and jet upgrades. More importantly, we are adamant about safety provisions. That is why all aircraft are required to have WYVERN safety records, WYVERN PASS reports, and ARG/US TripCHEQ audit reports.

When To Get On-Demand Jet Charter

While it is true that private jet memberships have a ton of benefits and are often the right choice for flyers, they may not be ideal for everyone. In some cases, an on-demand charter might be better for you.

You Have Time

If you have sufficient time on your hands and never need to fly urgently, an on-demand charter would not hurt. Even if it takes the company a day or two to organize a flight for you, it would not matter since you are not running on a tight schedule.

You Do Not Want to Tie Up Your Money

You have to pay for private jet memberships upfront, which means up to six figures of your cash will be tied up.

If you are not a huge fan of this approach and would rather pay individually for each flight, opt for an on-demand charter.

You Do Not Fly Frequently

If you do not fly frequently, there is no immediate reason to get a jet card membership unless you want the additional perks and urgent flight availability. Private jet memberships are best for people who already know they will be flying a certain number of hours during the year.

Not everyone has these needs. If you are from the latter group, an on-demand charter will serve your needs adequately.

You Do Not Cancel

If you plan your trips well before time, it is improbable that you will end up canceling one unless there is a dire emergency. People who have volatile schedules tend to get private jet memberships since they receive cancelation perks.

But if you do not have any such needs, an on-demand charter will do the job.

When To Get a Private Jet Membership?

Now that the Jet Membership vs Jet Charter comparison is a bit clearer, you can decide if you want to opt for private jet memberships or are better off with an on-demand charter.

On average, you should get a private jet membership if you plan on traveling ten or more hours in the next two years. Many jet cards start at ten hours, and some might even be refundable if you do not travel all hours in a year.

Final Words

With that, we have come to the end of our Jet Membership vs Jet Charter comparison. After analyzing the benefits of both kinds of traveling methods, it is easy to see that their suitability depends on personal needs and preferences.

Why join a jet membership when you only travel private once or twice a year and do not have any urgent needs? On the other hand, if you travel frequently and need to catch flights day and night, it makes no sense to waste so much of your time booking an on-demand charter every single time.

Therefore, choosing between a private jet membership or an on-demand charter is a personal preference. We have discussed how to get a jet card membership. Therefore, if you think frequent flying and extra amenities are your callings, get in touch with us at Jet Agency today.



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