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Private jet travel provides guaranteed comfort and convenience when you travel, but there are many ways to tailor the experience. If you fly often, you likely want to raise the bar and guarantee yourself direct access to a private jet of your choice.

Two popular options for frequent private jet travelers are jet card membership and fractional ownership. When weighing your options, you want to find a way to maximize value and choose an arrangement that best fits your personalized travel needs. By comparing jet card memberships and fractional ownership, you can determine which option works best for your travel plans.

What Is a Jet Card?

A jet card is a type of membership offered by private jet companies that allows travelers direct access to a private aircraft when needed. Members are responsible for paying a consistent hourly rate that reflects the size and type of aircraft they are flying on. Jet card members have a comfortable amount of flexibility, as they only pay for the hours they fly and can often be in the air within 24 hours of booking a flight, providing the best of both worlds. Members also have the benefit of choosing their preferred tier of aircraft.

Jet card memberships are superior to flying private jet charter as they offer priority access to private flights at discounted rates. Members do not have to worry about blackout dates or fluctuating rates. A jet card may also offer additional benefits for members, like jet class upgrades and catering allowances.

What Is Fractional Ownership?

As the name suggests, fractional ownership is when you own a percentage share of a private jet owned by multiple parties. A jet can have shared ownership under multiple individual parties, amongst businesses or through a private aviation company that sells shares to individual travelers.

In private jet fractional ownership, each owner pays a monthly or yearly fee proportional to how often they use it. The recurring fee paid by each owner covers regular management fees, like aircraft storage and maintenance. Under this arrangement, each owner is responsible for managing the operating costs for their own flights, like fuel and staffing.

Many people choose fractional ownership as a cheaper alternative to outright ownership of a private jet. This option works best for travelers who want direct, guaranteed access to a private jet but do not want to cover the complete costs of owning a private aircraft.

Jet Card vs. Fractional Ownership: Which Is Better?

Both fractional ownership and jet card memberships have upsides for travelers. Ultimately, which option is better depends on your needs. Unless you are traveling over 300 hours a year and considering owning a private jet, fractional ownership may be more effort than you bargained for. Both fractional ownership and jet card memberships offer the convenience of easy access to a private jet, but fractional ownership can be more demanding.


With fractional ownership, you are paying more than just the operational costs of the aircraft when you use it. You must also pay for running fees like storage and maintenance and account for variable expenses like fuel taxes. All these costs are reflected in a recurring monthly or yearly fee, even if you do not end up flying as often as you planned.

With a jet card membership, you are not responsible for any costs other than the rate you pay for the hours you fly. A jet card membership also provides more flexibility as you do not have to worry about flying a certain number of hours to keep up with the fees you pay.


When you have a jet card membership through a private jet operator, you enjoy several other conveniences. Jet card operators like Jet Agency provide a superior standard of customer service while maintaining some of the highest safety standards in the industry. As a result, you have less to worry about than a fractional owner since flight staffing, safety certifications and trip planning are all taken care of for you. When you choose a jet card membership, you never have to question whether you are in good hands.

Ultimately, fractional ownership is a better option for travelers who are considering buying a private jet but want to split the costs. A jet card membership is better for frequent travelers who enjoy flexibility and low-maintenance travel. To learn more about all the potential benefits of a jet card, explore Jet Agency's Jet Card Membership.

Experience a Jet Card Membership with Jet Agency

Fractional ownership and jet card memberships each have their own benefits, but for travelers seeking more flexibility and peace of mind, a jet card is usually the better option. To learn more about jet cards vs. fractional ownership, contact us at Jet Agency. Our 24/7 concierge service is happy to discuss both options with you and determine which one would best suit your needs.

If you want to experience worry-free travel with elite service, fixed rates and guaranteed safety, all without any membership fees, become a member with Jet Agency. When you sign up for a Jet Card Membership with Jet Agency, you can enjoy all of the perks without the fees. Find your membership match today.



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