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Many factors go into managing a private aircraft, many of which may take you by surprise if you have never owned an aircraft. As a result, having proper support can go a long way and provide several benefits. By turning to an aircraft management company, you can enjoy the perks of owning a private plane with less stress.

What Is Aircraft Management?

Private aircraft management refers to the process of handling all of the tasks that come with owning a private plane. These tasks include fueling the aircraft, performing regular maintenance, and storing the aircraft, among many others.

Upon buying an aircraft, owners must think about how to handle it, from deciding where to store it to choosing a pilot and flight crew to operate flights. Owners can either choose to manage their aircraft independently, handling each task on their own, or elect to work with an aircraft management company to perform select services.

The Benefits of Aircraft Management

Aircraft management companies have the expertise that comes with operating private flights day in and day out, giving them access to extensive resources and knowledge to manage private planes. As a result, you can trust them to provide you with the right support. The following are some of the biggest benefits of aircraft management.

Flight Staffing

Unless you are a trained pilot, you will need to find a pilot, or usually two, to fly your plane. If you want extra service and amenities on board, you will also need a flight crew. If you fly regularly, managing your flight staff and pilot becomes its own business, between the payroll and the necessary paperwork. Managing these processes is time-consuming and tedious.

For an aircraft management company, this is all part of their daily operations. Not only will these companies help you handle the process of paying the staff, but they will also find the staff for you. The best aircraft management companies work with the best pilots in the business, so you can enjoy absolute peace of mind on your flights.

Access to Discounts

Yes, there is a fee for private jet aircraft management services, but between the convenience and the money you save elsewhere, it quickly pays for itself. When managing an aircraft yourself, you have to pay for all of the commodities and services, from fuel to maintenance, and these prices can add up quickly.

Meanwhile, aircraft companies use these services daily and have built longstanding relationships with fuel providers, maintenance companies and hangars. As a result, these companies often have access to better rates. If you decide that you would rather try to save money than pay for an aircraft management company, you may find that you are not saving much money at all after spending enough on fuel and storage fees.


Safety is the biggest concern on any aircraft. As a private aircraft owner, it can be challenging to maintain the necessary safety certifications and periodic inspections. With a trusted private jet aircraft management company, you can take solace in their established safety procedures instead of trying to navigate the process alone.

For example, at Jet Agency, we ensure that every plane is carefully inspected before it takes off. We also ensure that there are WYVERN Pass Reports and ARG/US Audit Reports onboard every flight, ensuring that you have a complete picture of your aircraft and its condition. If there is an issue with your plane, we will work with you to take the necessary steps to get it back into compliance.

Charter Operation

Chartering out your private aircraft for private flights is an excellent way to make additional revenue and offset the cost of owning the jet. However, in order to run a charter operation on your own, you need access to a complete flight staff, fuel and a long list of certifications.

The best aircraft management companies offer the option to charter your jet out to others, taking the weight off your shoulders. With complete access to flight crews, fuel, regular inspections and all required safety certifications, aircraft management companies can make the process a breeze.

Experience the Benefits of Aviation Management

With all the necessary tasks that go into owning and managing an aircraft, it can feel impossible to handle it on your own. Fortunately, you don't have to bear the challenges alone-Jet Agency can help.

Jet Agency is one of the best aircraft management companies in the industry, providing you access to excellent service and decades of experience. When you work with Jet Agency, you know your plane is always in the right hands, as we follow the highest safety standards in the industry from point A to point B. Contact our 24/7 concierge service today to learn more about the benefits of aircraft management.



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