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Travelling does not have to be stressful. Rushing through security, waiting in long lines and sitting next to strangers can be exhausting. Fortunately, flying private can take away all the stress of flying, making it quick and easy to get in the air and preventing you from worrying about the hassle of other passengers. As you prepare for your next trip and are thinking about choosing a commercial flight vs a private flight, you should consider all the benefits of flying private before deciding.

Benefits of Flying Private

When you travel, you want a smooth experience as you move from one destination to the next. Traveling to your destination on a private jet gives you more convenience and peace of mind. Here are some of the best benefits of choosing to fly private:

1. Get in the Air Quickly

With a busy lifestyle, change can happen at a moment's notice. Flying commercial means that you must know your exact itinerary and book weeks in advance, making it difficult to adjust to changes and account for flexibility in your schedule. When you fly private, you can be in the air within three hours of booking. You do not always know what your schedule is going to look like; flying private allows you to remain flexible and handle changes in your schedule with ease.

2. Skip the Lines

The biggest hassle of flying is often trying to get to your plane. Large crowds in the airport and long lines at TSA make your travel experience longer and more frustrating. When you are trying to get to your destination, you do not want to be held up in a line for over 30 minutes. When you fly private, you do not have to go through the TSA. Alternatively, you will go through a quick safety check in a different portion of the airport, allowing you to skip the crowds and the hassle of adjusting all of your things.

3. Bring What You Need

One of the biggest hassles of flying commercial is having to limit yourself in your luggage. Commercial flights give you size and quantity limits for your bags, or charge ridiculous fees, and limit your necessities like liquids and toiletries. Private jet benefits include having plenty of space for your luggage and allowing you to take along your necessities without issue. When flying private, you will be able to take the bags you need and do not have to worry about 'travel size' bottles as you can bring the things you need.

4. Know Your Fellow Passengers

When you fly private, the only people on board with you are the members of your party. Flying with strangers can lead to many different issues. Commercial flights can also experience disruptions because of other passengers, while private flights allow you to enjoy a quiet, uninterrupted ride. When you are traveling, your trip should be smooth and peaceful so that you feel refreshed when you reach your destination. Flying private is the best way to make that happen.

5. Experience Unbeatable Amenities

Traveling should be more than just getting from point A to point B; you should be comfortable and satisfied along the way with pleasant amenities. On top of immense comfort, private jets also offer Wi-Fi, in-flight entertainment and unmatchable service. Flying private allows you to personalize your trip by finding the best experience for you. When booking your flight, you can choose from several options of aircraft to find one with the specifications, features and amenities that you prefer. You deserve to make your trip what you want it to be.

6. High Safety Standards

As you travel to your destination, your safety is paramount. At Jet Agency, you can trust that you will reach your destination safely and comfortably as every aircraft goes through strict safety checks. Each aircraft is ARG/US certified and WYVERN approved, meaning they meet the highest aviation safety standards. Maintain peace of mind in knowing that you are flying on the most reliable aircraft.

We also ensure that all flights are operated by only the most qualified pilots, as they all meet WYVERN standards and have an FAA-issued commercial license. They also only fly one model of plane, meaning that they do not have to adjust to the controls and features of a different plane when they fly. You can rest assured that the pilot of your flight knows the plane inside and out. You can trust the pilots and trust in your safety so that you can be at ease and focus on getting to your destination.

7. Generous Rewards

When you use a service frequently, you deserve to receive some benefits. At Jet Agency, we ensure that our members feel appreciated with multiple programs and rewards. Our Fixed Route Program gives you the ability to pay a fixed rate when you frequently travel between two of the same destinations, allowing you to pay a consistent price, avoid market fluctuation and book your flights in just one click.

Meanwhile, our Jet Card Membership gives you the chance to pay consistent hourly rates for any of your flights and allows you several opportunities for upgrades and more benefits. Our Jet Card program offers several tiers to meet your specific needs. In addition, both programs offer a ground transportation or meal credit each time you fly. At Jet Agency, we want to make sure you enjoy your experience every time you fly.

Flying Private versus Flying Commercial

Private jet benefits add up to make your life easier and give you more control. Flying private makes it easier to account for your needs and keep up with your schedule. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, flying private will give you more flexibility and capability to keep pace with your lifestyle.

If you are traveling for business, you can enjoy a calm and productive journey. Without distractions from other passengers, you will have the peace you need to take care of your work. Private flights also offer Wi-Fi so that you do not lose time on your tasks. Even in the air, you will never miss a beat.

When you fly for leisure, you are likely trying to relax and get away from stress. The last thing you want is to add stress as you travel. A commercial flight provides too many variables, too many challenges and offers little comfort. Flying private will provide you the reliability and comfort that you hope for when you travel.

Deciding to take a commercial flight vs a private flight means that you miss out on all the great benefits that a private jet will offer. Experience all the great perks of flying private by booking your flight with Jet Agency.

Learn more about the private jet benefits offered by Jet Agency. We are committed to providing our passengers a comprehensive flight experience with extensive benefits so that you always reach your destination safely and comfortably. When you travel with us, you can trust in the safety of every flight while enjoying an abundance of exclusive perks. Book your flight today!



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