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Five Minutes with Jet Agency VP of Membership Lance Tweden:

Q: What led you to Jet Agency?

A: Jet Agency is a private jet membership born out of a request from charter clients who wanted to buy multiple flights at the same time. I was attracted to Jet Agency because it was a clean slate that would give me the ability to build a modern membership program. Having spent two decades selling memberships, it offered me an exciting opportunity to craft a membership based on the dynamics of today’s market that was simple, transparent, and easy to use. It is something that I am truly proud to sell.

Q: How did you design the Jet Agency Membership program?

A: I’ve worked with a variety of memberships from luxury vacation clubs to other unique leisure programs, and each had its own benefits and drawbacks. I built Jet Agency’s membership as a combination of the best of each while keeping it simple. Most importantly, we streamlined the billing process and took out the added charges for services customers are simply not using on every flight. This way, their membership only asks them to pay for their experience.

Q: How is membership different then traditional private charter services?

A: The key difference is that membership allows you to purchase guaranteed flights at fixed rates, several flights at a time. This gives the members confidence when flying with Jet Agency that they will have a consistently better experience every time, and that they always know what the final cost will be.

Q: What are most customers looking for in a membership program?

A: I cannot read customers' minds, but from my experience, members want a program that is member-focused, easy to use and offers tremendous value. Those looking for membership do not want to shop for the best price or sift through complicated membership contracts. There are many memberships out there that are modeled toward different segments of the market. Jet Agency’s program was built to keep booking and flying easy while keeping a truly personalized experience. Every member has the ability to decide the level of contact and communication they wish to have from our client services. You get to choose what is important to you when it comes to planning and booking your flights!

Q: What makes Jet Agency’s membership different from other programs on the market?

A: One of the true differentiators between Jet Agency and the rest of the market is that we are not asking our customers to pay for our growth. Our member’s money goes toward their experience and not elaborate marketing campaigns and high-dollar celebrity endorsements. We want to grow the program in a way that allows us to maintain the great experience they have today long into the future. Another key difference is that Jet Agency sources aircraft directly from the open market, rather than owning a fleet of aircraft. Because of our depth and breadth of relationships in the market, we have greater access to aircraft and that allows us to offer a higher-pedigree aircraft at a lower rate.

Q: What is the most interesting flight request you have had from a Jet Agency member?

A: One of the big reasons people fly privately is because they have unique needs that other forms of travel simply cannot meet. I’ve flown car parts across the country in time for a race and even helped people move across the country via private jet. One particular client I had was a breeder of Wolfhounds, which due to their enormous size cannot ride in the cabin of commercial aircraft. We got her a jet big enough to ensure her and the dogs had a safe and comfortable trip together to their new home.



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Please let us know a little bit about you, and one of our experienced membership directors will be in touch shortly to help personalize a membership for you.